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Gum disease and poor health

For many people up and down the country, keeping themselves fit and healthy is a priority and many go to extreme measures to exercise, eat properly and keep nutrient levels up.

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However, in the rush to buy the right vitamins, eat the newest super foods and try out the latest miracle cures, simple things like gum disease can easily be overlooked.

But as gum disease is an important indicator, and potential cause, of poor general health, making sure that you keep your teeth and gums in great condition with regular brushing and professional care should be a priority.


What is gum disease?

Gum disease is an infection of the tissue that supports the teeth and is normally the result of plaque and bacteria build up due to a lack of brushing and flossing.

The tissue becomes inflamed and painful, causing discomfort and bleeding around the gums.


How can it affect your general health?

Though most people should find that the inflammation dies down after a while, in some people who are especially prone to gum disease, the body can overreact to the infection resulting in increased inflammation.

In others, the inflammation may never clear up, resulting in prolonged infection and discomfort.

Research has shown that this intense gum inflammation can affect the bloodstream, slowly damaging blood vessels in the heart, brain and the rest of the body.

In the long term untreated gum disease has been linked to problems like heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and rheumatoid arthritis.


How can you prevent gum disease?

A good way to prevent gum disease or monitor it when it occurs is to see dental professionals for cleaning on a regular basis.

Procedures like professional cleaning, teeth whitening and descaling can all help to keep your teeth healthy, so don’t be afraid to contact your dentist if you think your nashers need extra attention.

If you are looking for a professional to undertake some cleaning or teeth whitening Hampshire and the surrounding area is packed with fully qualified dentists who will be happy to help.

Another important factor in keeping your gums healthy is your diet. A nutritious and well-balanced diet will help to keep your gums in good condition with foods like cheese, peanuts, yoghurt and milk being especially good for your teeth.

Keeping your gums in good condition won’t just help you to feel healthier now, it could prevent serious diseases in the long term and help you to live a happier, healthier life for years to come.


Top tips for travelling with a toddler

This past Christmas we were pleasantly surprised when my husband’s company announced that the financials for the year were in and that they would all be receiving performance bonuses – essentially a 13th cheque! We were thrilled and suddenly had a hundred ideas as to what we could use it for.  We have a dream to travel overseas every 5 years and since 2014 was to be 5 years since our last trip (we backpacked around Europe) we thought that we would put this money toward our next trip. The main difference between the last trip and this one is that we are now three –we now have a one year old and there is no way this mamma is going to be leaving her little one behind.   After being exposed to hours of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” we decided that perhaps it was time for that trip to Disneyland that we have spoken about so many times.

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After chatting to some friends who had recently taken a family trip to Disneyland and getting even more excited I figured the most important thing was to make sure that we booked our flights to Orlando. Once that was done the rest of the planning really fell into place quite easily.  I was just starting to feel at ease about the trip when it suddenly dawned on me – this would be the first time we would be travelling with a toddler and with that comes a host of concerns.

Here are my top tips for travelling with a toddler:

  • Request bulkhead seats or seats near an exit, so that your toddler has a safe spot to play on the floor.
  • Minimise chances of your toddler contracting travellers’ diarrhoea by avoiding risky foods such as seafood, undercooked meats, peeled and raw fruits and vegetables, and unpasteurised dairy products.  Also stick to drinking bottled water.
  • Make sure to pack sunscreen, hats and insect repellent. Use them daily even if the weather looks overcast.
  • Compile a family medical kit. Remember to include baby paracetamol, a thermometer, anti-itching lotion, oral rehydration preparation and Band-Aids.
  • If your toddler struggles with motion sickness make sure to make regular stops along the way and offer plenty of fresh air and water to stay hydrated and cool.
  • To avoid ear pain as a result of change of cabin pressure during takeoff and landing encourage swallowing by feeding (breastfeeding works best).

Follow these tips and I guarantee you that half the battle is won.

Top reasons to why you should switch to E-Cigarette

Smoking can be one of the most stubborn habit to break and every smoker has tried the exit route, if not once, but multiple times for sure, and on the sad note failing to do so every time. Tobacco smoking if continued and uncontrolled has many detrimental health impacts,impacts which include higher risks of diabetes, heart diseases, joint problems and even cancer.

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So, the sooner you come out of this whirlpool, the better. Or else it might be too late before it consumes you. Easier said than done! Well yes, be smart and switch to E-cigarettes today.

E-cigarettes are one of the best nicotine replacements in the market. Studies reveal that e-cigarettes are one of the best aid for smoking cessation. It has far lesser toxic effects than traditional cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, an electronic cigarette is completely deficient of substances like anatabine, nornicotine, anabasine, and myosamine also known as Whole Tobacco Alkaloids or WTAs. Additionally they aremore versatile to use as there are no open flames which makes them much safer and easier.

The basic construction of an e-cig consists of a battery powered aerosol back, a liquid cartridge and a LED light on the tip which lights up to simulate a puff. The battery can be charged, and a fully charged e-cig can go about 700-800 puffs, and the liquid can be refilled easily.

The specialities of these cigarettes are that one can regulate the nicotine level in the liquid and can also select from a wide range of flavours, as per personal preferences. But most important of all, e-cigs are free from tar and other harmful chemicals.

Another important aspect that is of great social importance is the eco-friendly nature of e-cigarettes. It saves the environment from butt littering. The build material of the cigarette is recyclable. But the imperative feature is that it does not generate smoke and in turn saves your neighbours from passive smoking.

Almost all e-cig comes with a starter kit, which usually contains all that a smoker needs for their transition from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes. Though it varies from user to user, one might have to start with high nicotine containing liquids as the body is accustomed to it, and gradually reduce nicotine concentration over time, finally giving it up altogether.

So have a cleaner home with no more ash or ashtrays. Smoke free operation gives you greater freedom as it lets you enjoy your habits in public without exposing others to second hand smoke. Live a healthier life and that of others too.

Today’s market gives you a wide choice of e-cigarettes from various top manufacturers, like Halo, V2, Greensmoke, Apollo, Eversmoke, etc. along with multiple flavours, cigarette options and nicotine content to choose from. For a comprehensive evaluation byour expert team of editors and testers, visit here, the best review site about ecigs, and get complete details of the top e-cigarettes of 2014.


Why you need a stairlift

Stair lifts have transformed many people’s lives and are a great solution to those that are elderly or have mobility difficulties. People don’t only need to buy a stair lift because they are elderly, they will also need a lift if they suffer from bad knees, balance problems or possibly even weight issues. Custom home lifts are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realise just how affordable they are. Here are some great reasons to invest in a stairlift sooner rather than later.

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- If you live alone, then with a stair lift you do not need anyone to be with you to help you move around or to get back upstairs. This will allow you to have much more independence and therefore be lot happier with things, it is nice to know that you don’t need anyone to help you to get up to bed evening. You friends and family will feel at ease and safe in the knowledge that you have a safe and sound way to get up the stairs, they will not worry that you are struggling to walk up which could potentially lead to you falling.

- Stair lifts are extremely safe, so this only reinforces the above point. They are designed for elderly people to be by themselves so every precaution has been taken to make sure that they are safe.

- If you are planning on buying a new home then you don’t need to worry about how many floors there are or what the stairs are like. With a stair lift you know that you will be able to get up and down any type of stairs.

- It gives more time to your loved ones. Your loved ones do not need to be with you every minute of the day just incase you need to go upstairs. This will in turn make you feel great because no one likes taking up so much of people’s time. They can now relax and enjoy their weekends rather than having to come round and look after you.

- Electric stair lifts are powered by batteries, so even if there is a power cut at any point you do not need to worry about getting stuck on the stairs with no way of contacting anyone.

- You will no longer look at the stairs and think that it is a daunting prospect, you will now feel free to move around the home as you wish.

5 Ways to Avoid Germs on Public Transport

Temperatures drop and fevers rise. As weather grows cold, sickness spreads and public transport becomes a cess pool of germs. The winter chill forces people to congregate indoors, gathering in close crowds to generate body heat and generally exist in closer proximity to other humans. Beat the inevitable winter woes by implementing these five tips, to stay germ free on public transport.

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Time Makes All the Difference

Step on to a crowded train at 6.30am, you will experience an instinctual urge to recoil and run back to the warm bed from which you came. The man with largely visible sweat patches; the homeless guy who rides the train for fun; and the whinging child captaining its very own food fight, often at the expense of the mother; you can avoid all of these people. Arrange a later starting time (or if you’re brave, an earlier starting time) to avoid the high concentration of commuters carrying nasty germs.

Run Away From Sickness

Life has dictated public transport to be a necessary evil in your working week. You are at the mercy of unreliable timetables, temperamental bus drivers and unpredictable traffic flows; however, you can make smart choices to avoid contracting unwanted viruses. Scan the carriage as you board, search for a seat near healthy looking individuals. If you land a standing spot next to a serial sneezer, jump off at the next stop and make a dash to a different carriage. Feeling silly for a few seconds is better than feeling miserable for a few days.

Beware of Poles

Bus poles and hanging handles on trains are dangerous surfaces covered in regiments of infectious germs. Commuters are under a false pretence; covering a sneeze or cough with your hand does not prevent your germs from spreading to others. This is especially true when said hand then firmly grasps a pole, adding to the plethora of other festering, unsanitary bacteria. Avoid these surfaces like the plague (you may catch it on the train). If you are circumstantially forced to hold on for dear life, ensure you sanitise your hands immediately after you disembark.

Keep Hands Down

Keep your hands in your pockets. Touching your face, or rubbing your eyes, are some of the easiest ways to spread germs that have unavoidably come into contact with your hands. Be prepared, keep hand sanitiser or sanitary wipes for easy application after arriving at your destination.

Wash Away Sickness

Cold and flu season is a dangerous time, you can be prepared for the pathogen war by keeping various hygiene products on hand and choosing your travel times wisely. Ultimately, there are always factors out of your control. Germs aren’t just spread by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces, or having the lady next to you sneeze directly into your face.

Sickness can be airborne, you are sure to have at least one ill person in your carriage at any one time. To counteract this unavoidable circumstance, banish any potential sickness by washing your hands and face after catching public transport.
Follow even a few of these tips to significantly reduce your chances of being contaminated on public transport. For more hints on how effectively kill germs, consult a professional or click here.

London Attractions: Top 3

Of all the cities in the world, London probably has some of the best attractions on offer. It has been quite a challenge getting that list down to just 3, we had to exclude some very well known places but the 3 on this list will not disappoint any visitor. Of course every will have their own opinions from their travels, let us know what you think about our list and what places you would have in your top 3. If you are heading to the capital city of England and you have the time then you should definitely try to fit them all in! We promise that it will make for a truly memorable holiday! So here’s the list, let us know what you think.


Tower Bridge Museum

Tower bridge is arguably the most recognisable bridge in the world, it may not be the biggest but it is certainly one with the most history. Connecting the south and north of London over the Thames it is a fantastic place to visit. Not only is it a great place to see and take photos but there is also an exhibition for you to visit. The best thing about going to the exhibition is that you will be able to learn about the history of the bridge, understanding the history behind the bridge makes it an even more remarkable land mark. The bonus is that you will be able to se some of the best views of London, you get to go up the high-level walkways, it is a photographers dream up there and you will get some of the perfect snaps to share with your friends.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most famous buildings on the planet. You will be able to take a fantastic tour with a fully costumed Yeoman Warder, your guide will explain everything to you about the history of this fantastic 900 year old building. You will learn about how it has acted as everything from a palace, a prison, a jewel house and even at one point a zoo. This is one site that you cannot afford to miss when you head to the capital.

Walking tours

You don’t want to be wandering around the streets of London like a Wildgoose, so instead, book a place on a walking tour. We know what you’re thinking, this isn’t an attraction! Well, if you book your place on a walking tour then in a day you will be able to see some of the best sites that the city has to offer. A walking tour will take you around most of the legendary landmarks in London, it is not a huge city so even on a half day tour you will be able to see a lot of the sites that you have only ever seen in pictures and in the movies.

Tips to help you choose a nursing home

When it comes to choosing a nursing home we all know that it is a big decision. We will be helping someone close to us make a decision about where they want to live. Nursing care homes are a great choice for elderly people when they are unable to live at home independently. Here are some fantastic tips to help you find a nursing home that is both safe and comfortable.


1. Find a nursing home that is close by

You should always try to find a nursing home that is close to your home, this way it will make it easier for you to visit your family member or close friend. If you live far away then it is more likely that you will not visit as much as you should. If you are able to visit frequently and without organising your visits, then it means that your loved one will be happier and it means that the staff will also be kept up to standard as they do not know when you will be calling by. It allows you to check up on how your loved one is doing, you more than anyone will be able to tell if there has been any major change to their physical of mental health.

2. Ask your friends

When you are going through the list of possible nursing homes you should ask around for opinions and advice. If you ask people that are close to you then you will always get honest feed back. The personal experiences that people have had are great to listen to, whether they are negative or positive they will be honest and unbiased views. The advice you receive will help you make an informed decision.

3. Compare all of the homes in your area

It is good to compare all of the homes that are available to you. You should always check the different facilities that are on offer to you. You need to be able to compare the following; staffing levels, ownership, size, quality and inspection reports.

4. Visiting the homes

When you are going to check out a home then it is a great idea not to call ahead, you want to turn up and see the home in it’s natural form. If you plan ahead with the home about your visit then there is a small chance that you will not see the normal day to day running of the home. When you are visiting the homes you need to ask a number of different questions no matter how difficult or tricky you may think they are. Your questions are important and hearing the correct answers will make you more at ease about your choice.

5. How much does it all cost?

Of course, when you have found the right home for you then you need start thinking about how much it is going to cost you. Private homes can be extremely costly so you need to check to see if the person moving into the home is able to cover the costs of the care with their assets.

Tips to protect and improve you hearing

Until we start to lose our hearing, it is a sense that all of us take for granted. Throughout our lifetime our ears are exposed to many loud noises that can damage our hearing; airplane travel, power tools, music, lawn mowers, car alarms and other loud noises can all damage our hearing. We naturally lose our hewing ability as we grow older, the ageing process means that our hearing will naturally grow weaker. Unfortunately a lot of the hearing loss that we suffer will be permanent. There are a number of ways that we can try to preserve our hearing for the future. If we are unable to reverse any damage cause then there are ways we can improve our hearing, it is not all doom and gloom. Today hearing aids are better than ever, they are tiny and also easy to wear. With inventions such as invisible hearing aids you can wear a hearing aid without anybody being aware that you are using one. Hearing aids can generally help with every type of hearing loss, they really do give people a new lease of life. If you feel that your hearing is deteriorating then the best thing you can do is visit a professional as soon as possible, neglecting the problem will only lead to more damage occurring and your hearing becoming worse.


Here are 10 ways that you can prevent damage to your hearing and try to preserve your hearing.

1. You should learn about the levels of noise in your everyday environment.

2. You should always read up about protecting your ears properly. A quick search on the internet will come back with a range of results about the protection there is on the market, you can buy anything from ear plugs to larger protection.

3. You should always try to distance yourself from loud noises, if you can, do not stand directly in front of the equipment that is giving off the loud noise.

4. If you are being constantly exposed to noise then it is best that you do not do it for ing periods of time. If it is possible then you should try to take breaks from the noise.

5. If you use earphones or headphones to listen to music then you should always keep the volume at a low to medium level, if it is too loud for a sustained period of time then you will damage your ears.

6. Do you research about the signs of hearing loss, then you should check if you have any of these signs yourself.

7. You should get your hearing tested. Some people think that they do not need to go for a test. The truth is that you are never too young to get your hearing tested, hearing loss is becoming more prevalent in people under 50 years old.

8. You should make sure that a hearing evaluation is carried out by a professional that is registered and licensed to practice in your country.

9. If you have suffered an illness or infection that has cause hearing loads but can be reversed you should do everything you can to have it reversed.

10. Hearing aids are a fantastic choice if your hearing loss is permanent. Hearing aids will be able to slow down the process of hearing loss and will allow you to still have one of your most important senses.

4 Ways to Increase Productivity

When we were kids it was important to finish your chores like, making your bed, washing the dishes, and taking out the garbage as fast as humanely possible so that you were free to enjoy the day. Now that we’re older as soon as we finish one task there is a bigger, longer, more boring one begging us to be completed. It can feel endless. It can be very easy to get bogged down and discouraged by the size of your plate, so to speak. But with a positive attitude and a few important lifestyle tactics it’s easy to take it in stride and even save yourself time and headache.


Turn off the distractions- This is the hardest to overcome. It’s easy to be doing a small task like sending an email or packing a bag or even getting dressed in the morning and the next thing you know your watching sports highlights or checking who’s made on omelette for breakfast on Instagram. So it’s important when your doing a serious job to make a conscious effort to eliminate all distractions from around you and dive head first into work.

Take your vitamins- Lacking the proper nutrients in our bodies can send us spinning. Having deficiencies in your body is never going to help you keep productive. So It’s important to be filled up with the proper energy in order to not crash and burn. Taking multivitamins on a regular basis you will notice the increase in your stamina, alertness and overall well being.

Get your beauty sleep- Functioning on to little or to much sleep is a disaster. The middle ground is between 6-8 hours a night. Once you’ve found your groove you’ll notice the affects in the way you make decisions, your stress and anxiety levels and your personal interaction skills. Proper sleep as well as diet will keep you alert and keen to keep going on the task at hand.

Manage your free time- It can’t be work work work all the time. It’s necessary to break from your work in order to recoup and refocus on the job. There is a fine balance of when to break and for how long though. Set yourself a goal of how much you wish to accomplish before you want to get up, stretch and have a coffee. This will incentivize you to work harder. It’s also important to make sure your having enough “you” time outside of work. Don’t weigh yourself down with work matters you can’t solve outside of work.

Global Hotels

Around the world, the right accommodation can determine what kind of experience a visitor has. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending loads of money on a place. Rather, it means finding a place with local character that feels like a home in the new location. specializes in listing just such places for visitors who want a special experience at a good price.



Argentina – Che Lulu Trendy Hotel

A great place to set up temporary house in Argentina lies right in Palermo, on the Soho side. The Che Lulu Trendy Hotel offers a home away from home in this trendy, cutting edge neighborhood with its scenic surroundings.

Che Lulu offers a typical local breakfast, free Internet and cable access and a restaurant with room service. Reception is available 24 hours a day and can help you out with ideas about what to see. Borges once lived in this area. Walk through the European architecture and make the way through trendy international restaurants, art galleries and cafes. Music venues also pepper the streets of this area.

This artsy area of the city will give visitors a chance to experience modern and more traditional, bohemian Argentina all rolled up into one ball.

Lulu Trendy Hotel

Greece-Plaza Non-Smoking Hotel

The Plaza Non-Smoking Hotel is right on the coastline and offers a variety of outdoor activities, from golfing to diving. The hotel can arrange visits to all the historic sites of the city for those wanting a break from the seaside. All rooms come equipped with a coffee maker, a laptop, aircon, a TV and refrigerator. With its idyllic seaside location within reach of the city, the Plaza non-Smoking Hotel will provide you a link to all aspects of Greek life.

Plaza Non-Smoking Hotel

Russia – Saint-Petersburg Hotel

The Saint-Petersburg Hotel hugs the banks of the Neva River and gives visitors and insight into the heart of downtown. Nothing will be out of your reach from here.
Breakfast is included and available all day. Night clubs and a concert hall entertain visitors at night. Each room contains a TV, a phone and a choice of a shower room or a bathtub. Singles, doubles and twins available. Located near the Ploshad Lenina metro stop, this hotel allows access to the variety of museums in the city. The Mikhaylovshy Castle and the Summer Garden, among many others are also nearby.

Venice- Palazo Guardi

Known for its canals, Venice attracts romantics from around the globe. The Palazzo Guardi offers just the atmosphere one would expect from this historic city and a glimpse of beautiful 15th century Venetian architecture.

Visitors couldn’t get more centrally located than this small hotel right near the San Trovaso boatyard. Rialto and the Piazza San Marco, as well as famous galleries are within walking distance. The two-building residence offers a picturesque setting with all the luxury a person would associate with Venice. Visitors can also navigate the city via the waterways.

Plaza guadi

Edinburgh- Abba Hills Guest House

The multilingual staff at the Alba Hills Guest House can help you get around Edinburgh. The venue prides itself on providing great hospitality in a charming Victorian atmosphere.

It offers single rooms and family rooms of different sizes and a great morning start with their breakfast, along with special meals for those with dietary restrictions. Buses ply the route into town, but nothing is much more than a 15 minute walk, including Edinburgh Castle and downtown.

Alba Hills

Bangkok- Blooms Residence

A little bit from the hustle and bustle of Sukhumvit, the Blooms Residence still keeps visitors within range of all of the charms of Bangkok.

Just 15 minutes to Lumphini Station, The Blooms Residence opens up Bangkok to guests. All rooms include air conditioning, cable TV, hot water and maid service. In Sathorn, guests can see the nicest spots in Bangkok in terms of dining and nightlife, but also grab a taxi on nearby Rama 4 to get out to other destinations.

The Blooms Residence

No matter where you end up, lists several comfortable and unique accommodation options to take advantage of. Beyond sheer luxury, unforgettable memories are forged by the quality and character of a venue. The trick is finding those special places.