You cruise, you win

It’s commonly accepted that we all need a little stress in our lives. Operating under a small degree of pressure can encourage us to push forward, thrive or even make us that bit more competitive.

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Without stress we may become so relaxed that we figuratively become horizontal – slipping under the radar of our bosses and thus miss potential opportunities for promotion as a consequence; we’ve all heard of ‘you snooze, you lose,’ right?  Because stress activates our inbuilt fight or flight instincts, it can actually help us to feel more alert, react quickly or manage several competing tasks.


But what happens when it all gets too much? When stress is prolonged it can lead to anxiety, depression or burnout. You might consider yourself to be a healthy person, yet experience a sudden bout of cold sores, rashes or a cough that just won’t go. Maybe the loud office banter that you used to enjoy is becoming a noise that makes you want to screeeam! In which case, you may be suffering from stress without actually realising it.

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If this is the case, then we highly recommend you take a few days out from your life to reflect, recharge and recover. Forget about fight or flight and replace it with something else instead. Something like a cruise, perhaps?

Spending a few days on the blue open waters of the Med or meandering down the Rhine is a wonderful opportunity to literally become horizontal. Relax on the deck of a luxury cruise ship or take a smaller cruise and get up close to wonderful wildlife and nature.

There’s a great range of long and short cruises for you to choose from. Celebrity Cruises for example combine beautiful cruise ships with top of the line cruise travel amenities.

So, if you’re fight or flight instinct is getting too much for you, don’t hit anyone, and don’t jump on board a plane either – take a cruise instead!