Why you need a stairlift

Stair lifts have transformed many people’s lives and are a great solution to those that are elderly or have mobility difficulties. People don’t only need to buy a stair lift because they are elderly, they will also need a lift if they suffer from bad knees, balance problems or possibly even weight issues. Custom home lifts are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realise just how affordable they are. Here are some great reasons to invest in a stairlift sooner rather than later.

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– If you live alone, then with a stair lift you do not need anyone to be with you to help you move around or to get back upstairs. This will allow you to have much more independence and therefore be lot happier with things, it is nice to know that you don’t need anyone to help you to get up to bed evening. You friends and family will feel at ease and safe in the knowledge that you have a safe and sound way to get up the stairs, they will not worry that you are struggling to walk up which could potentially lead to you falling.

– Stair lifts are extremely safe, so this only reinforces the above point. They are designed for elderly people to be by themselves so every precaution has been taken to make sure that they are safe.

– If you are planning on buying a new home then you don’t need to worry about how many floors there are or what the stairs are like. With a stair lift you know that you will be able to get up and down any type of stairs.

– It gives more time to your loved ones. Your loved ones do not need to be with you every minute of the day just incase you need to go upstairs. This will in turn make you feel great because no one likes taking up so much of people’s time. They can now relax and enjoy their weekends rather than having to come round and look after you.

– Electric stair lifts are powered by batteries, so even if there is a power cut at any point you do not need to worry about getting stuck on the stairs with no way of contacting anyone.

– You will no longer look at the stairs and think that it is a daunting prospect, you will now feel free to move around the home as you wish.