Why Work in a Private Hospital?

Opinions in the UK are mixed on the use of private hospitals and many people see them as unnecessary when comprehensive healthcare is provided by the NHS for patients in need of treatment. However, in just about any system where there are consumers – and in some senses, patients are consumers of healthcare like they would be of other services – there is a desire for people to be able to choose where they receive those services.

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The reasons why people choose to get treatment in private hospitals is varied. Some choose to be seen privately in order to have fast access to the care they believe they need. It also suits many people to be able to choose the precise location and time when they receive their treatment. There’s also the opportunity for people to access treatment in the private sector that they could not get on the NHS, such as certain plastic surgery procedures or weight loss surgery.

So the reasons for choosing to be treated in a private hospital are fairly clear, but why would someone decide to work in one over taking a job in an NHS hospital? These are just a few reasons why you might consider a role in a private hospital over your local general hospital.


Financial rewards

The NHS has a standard way of paying nurses, doctors and other health professionals that is consistent wherever you are in the country. Whichever hospital or clinic you decide to work in, you’ll be paid the same as you would anywhere else in the country.

Private hospitals have much greater scope to reward their staff for the work they do according to how well they perform, and private hospitals recognise and value the people who come to work with them. In addition to great pay, there are other benefits to working for a private hospital that you don’t have access to in an NHS centre. Life assurance, private health cover, childcare vouchers, discounts on self-funded private treatment and even gym membership are offered by many private hospitals to attract the best staff. If you or interested in nursing jobs in private hospitals be sure to see this page.


Clinical fulfilment

Working in a private hospital, you’re likely to see a wide range of patients with a whole host of different conditions, many of which you would not see in the NHS. This variety keeps you on your toes and means that you’re always learning something new.

Private hospitals have the chance to offer a higher level of patient care than many hard-pressed NHS hospitals, and as a clinician you will have the chance to spend quality time with your patients and make a real difference to their care. With better ratios of nurses for the number of patients, longer appointment times and more time for individualised care, working in a private hospital gives clinical staff the chance to do what they trained for – care for patients.


A pleasant working environment

Private hospitals are modern, clean and well-equipped with single rooms for inpatients and treatment facilities that allow a high level of privacy and dignity for patients in their treatment. This also makes for a pleasant working environment for staff.

The team that you work with in a private hospital is likely to be relatively small compared to a large NHS hospital and staffed with like-minded individuals who want to do the best they can for their patients and support their colleagues.

This combines to create a great working environment where staff members support one another to provide the best possible clinical care for their patients.



There are many benefits of working in private hospital, ranging from the ability to gain a wide range of experience through to the way in which you’re rewarded. This makes working in private healthcare a uniquely attractive proposition.