Whats The Deal With Cheap Timeshare Auctions?

The timeshare industry has seen better days, that’s one thing for certain. The past few years have really taken its toll for these companies, who are now finding it more difficult than ever to get customers to sign a contract.


If you did a search lately on the likes of Ebay, you would probably have seen a few timeshare properties on sale for less than £10!! Yes, you read that correctly.

Why are sellers letting go of their stake for such a ridiculously low value?

Well, the main reason is because they are completely fed up with their money zapping timeshare contract and they want out. Another reason is that they want to get it sold quickly, so by advertising it for such a cheap price, they’ll more than likely get a windfall of interest from potential buyers online.

However, this low auction value isn’t the only expense that the new owner can expect to pay. Not by a long shot.

The seller will have to add in the cost of legal checks, the price for transferring the documents and any outstanding maintenance fees associated with the property.

This means that once you click “buy now” on Ebay, you will then be faced with these charges. This is a bad way to attract potential customers and new buyers will get stung with all these additional charges.

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Potential buyers who are looking at the timeshare market on Ebay need to pay attention to what’s actually being offered with the £10 property. It’s cheap for a reason, namely the seller wants to get rid of the financial burden and pass more or less all the expenses over to the new owner.

When you purchase this timeshare on Ebay and all the legal work is completed, you will basically have to pay the maintenance fees along with any other special fees that go with it. This means that if a new roof or sewage system is required, then you’ll have to fork out for it.

Don’t let your judgement be clouded by the thoughts of a holiday home in an exotic location. There’s a lot of financial intricacies involved with owning a timeshare, so think about it wisely before you make a decision.