Types of Dental Treatments


Dentistry is a profession with many words and it can sometimes be confusing to fully understand what dentists or even your friends are talking about. This article will talk about some common dental treatments so that next time you are speaking with your dentist or friend you will have a better idea of what they are talking about and you will also be prepared yourself should you need any of these.


Fillings are a very common dental procedure that are designed to fill a hole in a tooth that has been caused by tooth decay. Your dentist will begin by removing all the decay and then placing a soft material in the cavity and then setting this material in some way so that it becomes much harder.

Root canal treatment

This is where there the root canal system has become infected in one or more of your teeth and the infection is removed from sindie the system itself. The root canal is then filled and the tooth will be sealed, usually with a filling in order to stop them from becoming infected again. If this treatment is not carried out, the infection could spread and you could risk losing your tooth or teeth.


These are a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth, and is a fixed replacement as opposed to a removable alternative like dentures.These are normally constructed from porcelain and the name


These are a type of orthodontic treatment that are used to straighten or move the teeth into the correct position. Braces can be fixed or removable and work by constant tightening or adjustment or by using a removable mould at each stage to move the teeth in a certain way, respectively. Braces are normally worn for up to 3 years and can be very effective in correcting your teeth.


Crowns are a cap that completely covers a real tooth, these are usually made of porcelain and are fitted when a tooth becomes damaged, broken or decayed. The tooth or teeth are reduced in size so that the crown can fit over the top, these are then adhered to the supporting teeth.

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