Top reasons to why you should switch to E-Cigarette

Smoking can be one of the most stubborn habit to break and every smoker has tried the exit route, if not once, but multiple times for sure, and on the sad note failing to do so every time. Tobacco smoking if continued and uncontrolled has many detrimental health impacts,impacts which include higher risks of diabetes, heart diseases, joint problems and even cancer.

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So, the sooner you come out of this whirlpool, the better. Or else it might be too late before it consumes you. Easier said than done! Well yes, be smart and switch to E-cigarettes today.

E-cigarettes are one of the best nicotine replacements in the market. Studies reveal that e-cigarettes are one of the best aid for smoking cessation. It has far lesser toxic effects than traditional cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, an electronic cigarette is completely deficient of substances like anatabine, nornicotine, anabasine, and myosamine also known as Whole Tobacco Alkaloids or WTAs. Additionally they aremore versatile to use as there are no open flames which makes them much safer and easier.

The basic construction of an e-cig consists of a battery powered aerosol back, a liquid cartridge and a LED light on the tip which lights up to simulate a puff. The battery can be charged, and a fully charged e-cig can go about 700-800 puffs, and the liquid can be refilled easily.

The specialities of these cigarettes are that one can regulate the nicotine level in the liquid and can also select from a wide range of flavours, as per personal preferences. But most important of all, e-cigs are free from tar and other harmful chemicals.

Another important aspect that is of great social importance is the eco-friendly nature of e-cigarettes. It saves the environment from butt littering. The build material of the cigarette is recyclable. But the imperative feature is that it does not generate smoke and in turn saves your neighbours from passive smoking.

Almost all e-cig comes with a starter kit, which usually contains all that a smoker needs for their transition from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes. Though it varies from user to user, one might have to start with high nicotine containing liquids as the body is accustomed to it, and gradually reduce nicotine concentration over time, finally giving it up altogether.

So have a cleaner home with no more ash or ashtrays. Smoke free operation gives you greater freedom as it lets you enjoy your habits in public without exposing others to second hand smoke. Live a healthier life and that of others too.

Today’s market gives you a wide choice of e-cigarettes from various top manufacturers, like Halo, V2, Greensmoke, Apollo, Eversmoke, etc. along with multiple flavours, cigarette options and nicotine content to choose from. For a comprehensive evaluation byour expert team of editors and testers, visit here, the best review site about ecigs, and get complete details of the top e-cigarettes of 2014.