Tips to help you choose a nursing home

When it comes to choosing a nursing home we all know that it is a big decision. We will be helping someone close to us make a decision about where they want to live. Nursing care homes are a great choice for elderly people when they are unable to live at home independently. Here are some fantastic tips to help you find a nursing home that is both safe and comfortable.


1. Find a nursing home that is close by

You should always try to find a nursing home that is close to your home, this way it will make it easier for you to visit your family member or close friend. If you live far away then it is more likely that you will not visit as much as you should. If you are able to visit frequently and without organising your visits, then it means that your loved one will be happier and it means that the staff will also be kept up to standard as they do not know when you will be calling by. It allows you to check up on how your loved one is doing, you more than anyone will be able to tell if there has been any major change to their physical of mental health.

2. Ask your friends

When you are going through the list of possible nursing homes you should ask around for opinions and advice. If you ask people that are close to you then you will always get honest feed back. The personal experiences that people have had are great to listen to, whether they are negative or positive they will be honest and unbiased views. The advice you receive will help you make an informed decision.

3. Compare all of the homes in your area

It is good to compare all of the homes that are available to you. You should always check the different facilities that are on offer to you. You need to be able to compare the following; staffing levels, ownership, size, quality and inspection reports.

4. Visiting the homes

When you are going to check out a home then it is a great idea not to call ahead, you want to turn up and see the home in it’s natural form. If you plan ahead with the home about your visit then there is a small chance that you will not see the normal day to day running of the home. When you are visiting the homes you need to ask a number of different questions no matter how difficult or tricky you may think they are. Your questions are important and hearing the correct answers will make you more at ease about your choice.

5. How much does it all cost?

Of course, when you have found the right home for you then you need start thinking about how much it is going to cost you. Private homes can be extremely costly so you need to check to see if the person moving into the home is able to cover the costs of the care with their assets.