Tips on Having the Best Orlando Theme Park Experience

If you are planning trip to Orlando with the family then you will no doubt have been investigating which theme parks you plan on going to. There is of course much more to do in Orlando than visit the theme parks, but they are without question one of the key attractions in this part of the world. The key to ensuring that you and the family have the best time imaginable in Orlando is to ensure that you have planned and prepared for your theme park days before you leave home. As someone who has done this trip with the family on multiple occasions, here are my tips on making sure that you and the family have a magical time in Orlando.


Which Parks?

Your kids may have their hearts set on hitting Walt Disney World but there are plenty of other parks to consider too and you need to whittle down your options to make sure that you make the right choice. Some of these parks will need at least 2 or 3 days to get the most out of them so this may limit your options. Sit down with the family and pick the parks which you would most like to visit, and then schedule them into your vacation.

Buying Tickets

Once you know which parks you’ll be going to and when you should buy tickets straight away rather than waiting until the day of arrival. There are 2 reasons for doing this, the first reason is so that you can secure your tickets ahead of the crowds and the second reason is that you can get much better prices if you buy online before you go. Cheap Orlando theme park tickets are abundant online so always ensure that you check there first.

The Big Day

If you are traveling with kids then the day that you go to the theme park will take a little bit of organization to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the day. You are going to be exposed to the sun all day and you will be doing plenty of walking and waiting around. Because of these factors kids can get cranky and tired which of course will diminish how much fun they have. Take precautions when it comes to the sunshine with hats and plenty of cream, be sure that your kids have strong footwear and always be ready with an energy boosting snack.


Working out the logistics ahead of time can help everything to run smoothly and whether you are going to hire a car or take a bus to the parks you should have this prepared before you leave home. You won’t want to waste any time during your trip so getting your transport options arranged early on will serve you will and it will also help to minimize any stress which you may have when you are there.

Get ahead with your plans and ensure that you can have a fun and relaxing time when you go to some of the world’s most outstanding theme parks.