What to do about sensitive teeth?


Sensitive teeth is a really unpleasant issue to have with your teeth and causes a sharp and sudden pain in your teeth and can be triggered by some everyday tasks like eating or drinking, which can seriously affect some of these tasks, particularly when it comes to food and drinks, which should most certainly be enjoyed. The best way to combat sensitivity is to understand how it is caused and what you can do to treat it and below is some more information about these things.

What is sensitivity?

Sensitivity can affect one or more of your teeth and it is very commonly set off by eating or drinking something that is cold, hot, sweet, sour or a combination of these. Many people experience sore teeth and a sharp and sudden pain through the tooth or teeth and deep into the nerve. People generally have varying levels of sensitivity and this can even be triggered by things like breathing in on a cold day, so it is important to realise indicators like this in combating sensitivity.

Causes of sensitive teeth

Generally it is caused by the outer enamel being worn away and exposing the layer beneath that is known as dentin, this layer makes up the inner part and the roots of your teeth and are connected to the nerve centre and this is known as the pulp. Exposure to things like cold drinks triggers the pain when these come into contact with the dentin, which is connected directly to the pulp by thousands of tiny tubes.

Usually the main causes of sensitivity relate to the wearing down of enamel.

How to reduce sensitivity

There are various ways to reduce the effects of sensitivity and prevent it from occurring, these include:

  • Regular brushing and flossing. This will prevent the enamel on your teeth wearing down and will in turn reduce the risk of sensitivity.
  • Ensure you use a soft bristled toothbrush, as this will prevent any unnecessary wear on the teeth, particularly if you have the tendency to brush hard.
  • Use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.
  • Use other fluoride based products like mouthwash to
  • Avoid food and drinks that are sweet, sour, hot, cold or a combination of these factors. Also you should avoid very acidic foods and drinks as these can damage tooth enamel.

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