Why Regular Dental Checkups are Essential


I don’t know about you, but I am not exactly the biggest fan of going to the dentist, which is something of an understatement. Because of this, I try to do all that I can to keep healthy teeth and gums, and so too do my family. One thing which I have always made sure of is regular checkups at the dentist, which may sound a little strange given the fact that I don’t enjoy it. There is a method to my madness however, and this is why I think that you should always go for regular checkups with your local dentist.

To Avoid The Dentist

Even though my dentists in St Albans┬áis absolutely amazing and very comforting and patient, going there to have a checkup, or for any other reason for that matter, is not at the top of my priority list. The reason however, why I go for regular checkups, is so that I don’t have to go into the dentist when it is too late, and I have a large dental issue which needs to be fixed. Regular checkups can find issues in your mouth far before they create you any real trouble, and this way they can be resolved easily and quickly. Even if you loathe the dentist, a checkup every 6 months will be far better than laying back with vacuums, drills and saws in your mouth.


We are never too old to learn something new and generally speaking when I go to see the dentist for my checkup, they will usually share something with me that I wasn’t aware of before. For example I didn’t realize until last year, at the ripe age of 38, that I had been brushing in the wrong way for most of my life. There is always something to learn about teeth, and a regular checkup can help you to educate just that little bit more.

Keep You In Check

There is something deeply shameful about being scolded by a doctor or dentist because you are not doing things properly. We all know the bad things that can happen when we eat too much sugar or drink too much coffee, but when there is nobody there to see, we don’t really care that much. The problem with dentists however, is that they can pretty much see everything that you have been doing between your last checkup, and if they think that you’ve been naughty they may very well give you a dressing down. As much as this is not fun by any stretch of the imagination, especially as an adult, it is necessary to keep you in check, and to help push you towards a healthier way of living.

Going in for regular checkups with your dentist can also help you and your family to be more familiar with your dentist. This is really helpful, especially for anyone who fears the dentist, as it provides a little bit of extra comfort and can make you feel more relaxed.