Why People Choose Veneers

My local dentist in Cookstown has for many years cared for the teeth of both myself and my family and this was where I had my porcelain veneers treatment last year. I had a routine checkup last month and we got to talking about veneers and the important role that they can play in dentistry. Something which came as a surprise to me was the number of people who have this treatment, a number which has risen greatly in the last few years alone. I asked my dentist why he believed that so many people are opting for dental veneers and here is why he thinks that it has become so commonplace.


Lower Prices

For many years dental veneers where simply out of most people’s price range and this was something which naturally discouraged many. Veneers were often seen as something which only the rich have, and this was because of the high price of the treatment. In recent years however there has been a far greater demand for veneers which in turn has inspired more dentists to offer the treatment, thus lowering prices. The materials too are no lower in price and this has been a hugely important advancement that has helped a larger number of people to be able to opt for veneers.


For anyone who has problems with their bite, the shape of their teeth or the form of their teeth, the options ahead of them are usually treatments such as dental braces or clear aligners. Whilst both of these options work very well they generally take between 6 months and 2 years before the patient is able to see any real results. When you opt for veneers however the result is instantaneous and that means that after just 2 appointments, a patient can have the smile that they have always wanted, without having to wait for it.


Something else which has undoubtedly inspired more people to use veneers is the long-lasting nature of the materials which are used. For many years we knew that dental veneers could last around 15-20 years before they needed to be replaced, but these days that figure is closer to 45 years. The last thing that people want to have to do is to invest twice so now that the veneer lasts longer it has become a far more attractive prospect for many people who are unhappy with the shape of their teeth.


Having poorly aligned teeth or a smile which you are not proud of can have a large impact on people’s confidence. The idea therefore that you can have a quick treatment and that you can fix your teeth in no time at all is of course one which appeals to many. The boost in confidence that many with veneers talk about is something which resonates with anyone with bad teeth and this is yet another reason why more and more are looking at this treatment as a solution.

If you are not happy with your smile, why not try out some dental veneers?