How to Make Sure Your Only Dental Appointment Is a Check Up

Most people know all too well the agonizing and inconvenient pain that our teeth can give us, which is why we must all try our best to avoid issues. In most cases those who look after their teeth will not suffer any dental issues and those who do have problems are usually those who have not looked after their teeth and gums properly. For me it took an emergency appointment at my local Nottingham dentist for me to realize that I wasn’t taking correct care of my teeth. After spending much time with the dentist to talk through how to look after my teeth, I wanted to share some of those tips with you, so that your only dentist appointment will be a check up.


Make An Appointment

Before we start you need to know what kind of state your teeth are currently in so a trip to the dentist is going to be the best place to start. The reason why regular check ups are necessary is so that your dentist can spot any problems before they worsen. Avoiding the dentist may seem like a good idea but if there is an underlying problem which is growing, it will cause you much trouble later on down the line, so it is better to get it fixed now, before causing too much inconvenience.


When it comes to cleaning your teeth you really need to get a solid routine together. You should be brushing your teeth and then flossing, before finishing off with some fresh mouthwash. When flossing your teeth you may see some blood in the first few days, but your gums will strengthen and you can use this cleaning method daily without trouble. You should be cleaning your teeth in this way at least twice per day, morning and night. It is also a good idea to give your teeth a clean if you have eaten anything sugary or anything which could stain your teeth. Chewing sugar free gum can be a great way to make sure that your teeth are clean after eating.


If you are involved in any sporting activities it is very important that you protect your teeth using a gum shield. The large majority of people who chip or break their teeth are those who have been involved in some kind of physical activity or sport, so be sure to keep them protected.


Where possible you should try to avoid anything which has high levels of sugar in it, and if you do consume something you need to clean the teeth right away. Sugar sticks to the enamel of the teeth and if left long enough, it sticks so strongly that when it is cleaned off, it can often take the enamel with it, thus weakening the teeth. Sugar can also rot the teeth away at the root if you are consuming a lot of fizzy drinks or sweets, so avoid these items as best as you can to better protect your teeth.

Simple tips yet very effective in helping you to avoid the dentist.