Looking after eye health when growing older

What symptoms to look out for and how these can be treated:


Anything we buy, be it a car, clever technological gadgets or even a good book, will take more looking after as it gets older. It is the same with our bodies – as we age, we need to take some time out to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as it can.

The key to this is regular maintenance and finding ailments and health issues before they become a bigger problem.

As we get older, every organ in the body needs extra care as conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, become more of a threat.

Most people know we can minimise these risks by following a healthy lifestyle, but not many people are aware that the same is true if we want to prolong our sight and eye health. Research suggests eye health is one of the first indicators of an aging body, with common complaints including age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), cataracts and glaucoma becoming more likely to occur.

In order to give yourself the best chance of maintaining your sight and avoiding too much disruption to your current lifestyle there are things that you can try.

It is not only carrots you should be eating

Like with many of our bodies’ organs, protecting them starts on the plate. Research has found that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc and vitamins C and E can help keep eyes in good condition. This means your shopping list should include leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, oily fish such as salmon and tuna and you can get your vitamins from citrus fruits.

If you adopt a healthy diet, you can also lower your chances of developing diabetes – the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Keep the sun at bay

Ultraviolet (UV) damage is not only problematic for your skin, it can also harm your eyes. Too much UV exposure increases the chances that you are likely to develop cataracts and ARMD.

When it is sunny, sunglasses can block between 99 and 100 per cent of both UVA and UVB rays, so it is a good idea to wear them. Even if you already have some UV protection in your contact lenses, it is still a good idea to wear sunglasses for extra protection.

Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the main causative factors for some of the UK’s biggest killers including heart disease and cancer. The habit also takes its toll on your eyes and increases the chances of you developing cataracts, optic nerve damage and ARMD.

Even if you have already tried to quit, have another go as studies have demonstrated that the more times you try to quit smoking, the more likely you are to succeed.

Make use of specially engineered supplements

A good eye health supplement such as MacuShield can provide your eyes with all the nutrients they need to maximise their chances of staying healthy. They can help help slow down the progress of some eye conditions with their optimised combination of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-zeaxanthin.

These are three carotenoids that have antioxidant properties which can help maintain the macula in the eye’s retina.