What to Look For In a Family Dentist


If you have just moved to a new place then you will no doubt be trying to get your bearings, and trying to make contact with all of the necessary services such as schools, doctors and of course, dentists. It always makes sense to register with a dentist as soon as possible, so that you have an easier time getting an appointment should something happen. Unfortunately for anyone with a family, finding a great family dentist is not always easy, it took my a long time to find a Yeovil dentist that we were happy with, which is another reason to start testing out dentists near you right now. I suggest that you start making appointments for a check up with dentists near you, and then make a decision based on how you feel. To help you out, here is what I believe you should look for in a family dentist.

The Kids

The most important aspect when it comes to a family dentist is how good they are with the kids. I have 3 children and 2 of them detest the dentist, and the third one is still unsure. Despite their fears and uncertainty however, our local dentist has a brilliant way with the kids that sets them at ease as soon as they walk in. Contrastingly, we went to some dentists who treated the kids the same as if they were an adult, it goes without saying that we didn’t return.


A family dentist should be able to see you within a week and within a day or two depending on the severity of the situation. When I was calling local dentists to make an initial appointment, some of them were trying to schedule me in for an appointment in a month’s time. I know that dentists can be very busy, but if you have to wait a month for an appointment, they clearly have too many people registered with them.


There are many dentists, especially those from a chain of dentists, who always have different people working there. The first practice which I decided upon we left, because in the first 3 appointments we saw 3 different dentists. I understand exactly why this happens and how it can help the surgery, but I like to trust that I am going to see the same face each time I go. Much like having a family doctor, you want your dentist to know a little about you, and feel a certain familiarity with you, changing dentists each day is not the way to achieve this.

The Service

We live in an age now where places such as dental surgeries can offer us a far better service in terms of appointments and after care. My dentist sends WhatsApp notifications to remind us about appointments and checkups, as well as contacting us after a hefty surgery, this is what i expect in a family dentist, and thankfully this is what I have found.