London Attractions: Top 3

Of all the cities in the world, London probably has some of the best attractions on offer. It has been quite a challenge getting that list down to just 3, we had to exclude some very well known places but the 3 on this list will not disappoint any visitor. Of course every will have their own opinions from their travels, let us know what you think about our list and what places you would have in your top 3. If you are heading to the capital city of England and you have the time then you should definitely try to fit them all in! We promise that it will make for a truly memorable holiday! So here’s the list, let us know what you think.


Tower Bridge Museum

Tower bridge is arguably the most recognisable bridge in the world, it may not be the biggest but it is certainly one with the most history. Connecting the south and north of London over the Thames it is a fantastic place to visit. Not only is it a great place to see and take photos but there is also an exhibition for you to visit. The best thing about going to the exhibition is that you will be able to learn about the history of the bridge, understanding the history behind the bridge makes it an even more remarkable land mark. The bonus is that you will be able to se some of the best views of London, you get to go up the high-level walkways, it is a photographers dream up there and you will get some of the perfect snaps to share with your friends.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most famous buildings on the planet. You will be able to take a fantastic tour with a fully costumed Yeoman Warder, your guide will explain everything to you about the history of this fantastic 900 year old building. You will learn about how it has acted as everything from a palace, a prison, a jewel house and even at one point a zoo. This is one site that you cannot afford to miss when you head to the capital.

Walking tours

You don’t want to be wandering around the streets of London like a Wildgoose, so instead, book a place on a walking tour. We know what you’re thinking, this isn’t an attraction! Well, if you book your place on a walking tour then in a day you will be able to see some of the best sites that the city has to offer. A walking tour will take you around most of the legendary landmarks in London, it is not a huge city so even on a half day tour you will be able to see a lot of the sites that you have only ever seen in pictures and in the movies.