What Is It Like To Travel To Antarctica


You might be thinking “Can I go to Antarctica?” and the answer is thankfully yes. I was lucky enough to get to experience Antarctica on my travels and wanted to share a little bit more about it with you, especially because it is not at all the most typical destination that you could ever visit in your life. In fact, I Would say that it is the most unique place on Earth.  I decided to write more about it for you it,  so I hope you enjoy reading more about visiting Antarctica.

Getting there

The first step is getting there and the best way to do this is by cruise ship.  most of the leave from southern Argentina, a town called Ushuaia. Cruise ships do depart from other South American cities but this is the most popular by far.  firstly you will that stop by crossing the Drake passage, this can be a little bit of an adventure in itself because the sea can be quite rough. You will reach the South Shetland Islands and this is a very common stop for cruise ships. These islands also hold a significant place in the history of Antarctica and many Antarctic explorers had some connection with these islands at some point. This makes them an interesting place to visit from a historical perspective too.

How much does it cost?

This is a good question and it is the same question is how long is a piece of string. This will depend on how long your cruise goes, for the size of the ship and the activities that are included in your package. Travel to Antarctica is not cheap and no should you expect it to be. I do know some people that did manage to snag a last minute deal there, but this is not something that I personally risked, because it limits your options and means that you might not be getting the best cruise for you and what you want to do.  I planned well in advance and was very happy with the cost and the cruise, which suited me perfectly.  You will also need to factor in the costs of travelling to South America, which can be quite expensive too.

Time to go

During the winter months, travel to Antarctica is not at all possible because there is total darkness. It is therefore only possible to travel in the summer (the Southern Hemisphere summer that is), which is between November and March each year. This of course coincides with the main tourist season there and the temperatures are much more hospitable and there is over 20 hours of daylight every day!

What can you see there

We already talked a little bit about the South Shetland Islands, but that is not all that Antarctica has to offer. The land and seascapes are absolutely incredible there. Can you imagine endless ice wherever you look, icebergs, mountains and stunning wildlife. Once you see this you will be questioning why you ever wondered “Can I go to Antarctica?”, because it is something you definitely should have thought of before. My favourite of all the wildlife has to be the penguins, because they are so playful and curious. They really are unique, but you can also see other birds, whales and seals too. It is interesting that these creatures come here and it always makes me wonder exactly why they do!