Lifestyle 101: A Healthy Home is a Healthy Head

Somehow, a toxic world has been built around us. It has been slowly manipulating how we eat, sleep work and play. Dangerous chemicals are sprayed on our food, there is pollution in the air and we much try to do all that we can to combat this within our own home.

When our body takes in all of these chemicals, it is taking in toxins that damage our insides. This put extra work on out liver and makes our body work harder that it should have to. It does not help if we go putting harmful poisons into our body like nicotine and alcohol along with unhealthy food.

All is not doom and gloom though, it is easy to make a few small changes that will turn your life around and have you feeling better and fresher than ever! Starting with the place where you wake up and relax in the evenings, you should take a look around your house and see what is distracting or annoying you there first.


Clean up your house

Your home is your castle, and should be treated that way. Keep it as clean as possible and do regular ‘spring cleans’, where you wash the carpets and curtains to prevent dust mites from gathering. This can cause breathing problems for children and those with asthma. Damp windowsills and glass doors also contribute to making the air polluted and should be dealt with at the first sign of dampness or mildew to prevent any illness in the family. Get rid of all the stuff you do not use anymore and make your house more minimalistic. We all tend to hoard useless stuff we don’t need but it is a great feeling when we rid ourselves of our stacked up junk.

Make it smell good

After you have cleaned the house, you will want it to smell warm and fragrant. This will create an ambiance of relaxation and a warmth which will indulge the senses. Halloween candles are great for this as they come in pungent scents of cinnamon, apple cider and jasmine. Placing candles around the house will not only give you nice lighting, but it can help with de-stressing due to the aromatic properties of the fragrances in the candles. You can even decorate the bedroom with artistic candle holders to make it the palace you always desired.


Maintain a proper diet

We all know that certain foods are bad for us, but some food that you eat regularly might actually be worse than you thought. Anything that says ‘Diet’ or ‘Fat Free’ is usually filled with other useless calories and pose no nutritional benefit to your health. Try to eat more fresh fruit and green vegetables to promote healthy blood flow and incorporate oily fish and nuts into your diet to give you optimum brain function. Have a fruit bowl in the kitchen so there is always a delicious and nutritious snack lying around and chop up some carrots, celery and have raw options available to. Eating raw foods has been proved to increase metabolism and is a welcome change for our bodies from the processed junk that most people buy.