Improve That Smile

Whenever I see movie, television stars or pop singers smiling at award ceremonies it always makes me wonder why they always seem to have that perfect bright white toothed smile. It is obvious of course that it is not because they never drank sweet soda or ate chocolate as a kid, of course they did. What the obvious explanation is that they have had a little bit of dental work done to get that nice shine.

Marielaina Perrone DDS Botox

Marielaina Perrone DDS Botox

Most of us go to the dentist for the same reasons. We go to get our teeth checked, cleaned, make sure we don’t need any fillings, or worst case scenario, have to have a tooth removed. There is a particular form of dentistry though known as cosmetic dentistry and these dentists will be the ones that our movie stars go to, to have that great smile that we all envy so much.

With this in mind, I thought a little bit of research was needed to see what was on offer by these so I visited a couple of my local dentists in Bath, England to see what could be done and how much it would cost me to get my own movie star smile.

The first thing that most people consider of course is to get their teeth whitened. There are a number of reasons apart from not brushing your teeth regularly enough or in the correct way that your teeth may be discolored. Drinking a lot of coffee or fizzy drinks can cause it and of course if you smoke or drink a lot this can also contribute. This is actually the most common procedure and can be done a number of ways. probably the most common is that the dentist will apply a gel to your teeth that you leave on for a period of time and then simply brush off. A little more extreme is laser whitening which of course will be more expensive.

Another common procedure is teeth straightening. For whatever reason some peoples teeth are crooked so getting them straightened out is a priority for them. This is a relatively simple process and just requires the fitting if a brace for a period of time which pulls them back into line. Depending on the person, you can get them fitted in a variety of colors or if you are a little self-conscious, invisible ones.

Missing teeth can be replaced with crowns or if you want something more substantial a dental implant can be used which screws into your jaw bone with the new tooth fixed permanently to it.

To find out more about dental implants Bath you should head to your local dentist. Here is the address and phone number:

Aquae Sulis Dental,
Station Court,
Ashley Avenue,
Lower Weston,
BA1 3DS.
Tel. 01225 808435