How to Save Money on Group Holidays

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The high and still rising gas prices do not give any hope that airfares will reduce anytime soon. However you may try a few tricks that will help you save money on group fares.

In as much as you are doing your own research online and applying every trick on the book to find the cheapest fares it is still good to approach travel agents who may offer you deals that may not even be documented online. Better still, directly approach the airlines; they may have a good deal for you that is also not publicized.

Peruse through the budget airlines in regions or countries to help you find the cheapest flights for your group like Go Air or Malaysia Airlines if you’re visiting Asia. These airlines offer discounted rates especially with the recent airline mergers which have led to rise in airfares.

Airlines tend to quote the highest fares especially if you are travelling as a group, it is therefore advisable to book individual flights for lower fares and also break down your trip into segments. Also, find cheaper flights in the smaller cities near your major destinations, this will further bring down the cost.


Whether you opt for a cottage in Cornwall, or a villa in Bali the best bargains are obtained from the owners of the property rather than from agents. It also means that you get rock bottom prices because you will be cutting off the middlemen. The properties vary but most large group accommodations are self-catering and include pools, terraces and barbecues.  This is a place where you do not expect to be waited on, but as a group maintaining by sharing cleaning and cooking chores will save money and time.

If the rental comes with the offer of a washing machine, then it will mean that you will have fewer luggages and you will save money on luggage fees. If you buy your own groceries and cook a storm in the kitchen, you will save a lot on eating out.

The larger the group, the bigger per person saving: for large groups villas may be cheaper than hotels in the long run. Villas accommodating more than six people may cost half the price of hotels because the prices are shared.


Making arrangements for large group accommodation can be a pain in the neck. First choosing what everyone in the group will approve of and deciding the dates and the times to book is no mean feat. It may take long for some members to make decisions, so make sure you have ultimatums and deadlines for each member to adhere to.

So once your group gets it all together, do not delay to make bookings for your accommodation because the longer you stay without booking the prices may rise or its availability may cease. Remember most property owners prefer to cater for fewer numbers of people. This means that such kinds of accommodations are limited hence if you book earlier you may actually be lucky to nail it.

Then be sure to enjoy group accommodations because as a group even the wackiest moment may turn out to be the best ever. Friends always find a way spark wacky but memorable moments.