How to Earn Money While Traveling

Are you stuck at a desk job imprisoning you from 9-5, five days a week? That might seem like the “normal” course of action, but believe me, there are plenty of ways to think out of the box and outside the cubicle. Our culture today may value a stable job and saving up for your annuity, but life is too short to live unfulfilled. If you value your time and your life and are wasting away at your 9-5, take a leap of faith and pursue your own passion while living the jetsetting life of your dreams.


Teach English If you have a bit of money to invest in a TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), you’re well on your way to earning money abroad, through teaching english or and becoming a doctor of education. It’s a ticket to freedom because nearly every non-English speaking country has a need for native speakers to teach the language. Whether you prefer working with children, high-school age students or adults, there are plenty of schools with job openings.


Work Online These days, there are literally thousands of ways you can earn money online; all it takes is a little creativity. If you like to write, contact travel websites and see if you can contribute articles; many websites will pay you per article. Check out freelance work sites like and for the latest online job postings. Learn how to build or design websites for money, or start up your own travel photography business. The options are endless; look inside yourself to find what you love, and put it online.

Farmwork If you love the outdoors, you can work on organic farms either for free food and accommodation or a small stipend. Either way, it’s a great way to fund your travels as you won’t spend much money at all. Organizations like WWOOF and WorkAway help connect potential workers with hosts. Work can range from everything from picking fruit to caring for animals or picking grapes on a vineyard. You’ll come away with skills you never knew you’d have!

Work at a Hostel If you’re looking to score some free accommodation, just ask hostels if they need someone to take care of cleaning, reception or other duties. Oftentimes hostels will give you a free bed in exchange for a predetermined amount of work hours per day. You can even work out a way to earn a small stipend. Working in a hostel is a great way to meet travelers and get connected with the place you’re staying.