How to Choose the Right Exercise Clothes – Not Just a Fashion Statement



When people head to the store to choose their exercise clothes the first things they often look for are their favorite brands and what’s in style. And while this can be important to some, there are other reasons that should direct your choice in activewear, which we will discuss here.

Start at the Bottom – Shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes is potentially the most important decision you can make when deciding what activewear to buy – so pay attention to what they’re designed for. While the differences may seem slight they are very much important. Unless you will be actively playing basketball, steer away from these types of shoes as they are designed to facilitate the type of movements involved with getting around a court. Alternatively, walking shoes may not provide the same level of support that you need when running.  There are a number of Groupon coupons available at stores like Last Call that can offer you discounts on shoes designed specifically for your needs, so take your time and find the right pair for you.

To the Middle – Pants/Skirts

This can often seem like the easiest decision, pick what’s comfortable and out the door you go. However, this can often be a downfall. If you are regularly training or exercising in a cold environment it can be tempting to choose a pair of comfortable tracksuit pants for warmth, however if they are trapping your body sweat inside it can cause you to get even colder, leading to further health problems. Look for fabrics that are designed to draw sweat away from your body whilst maintaining a good amount of airflow. This should help to keep you dry and comfortable as you exercise.

Up to the Top – Tops

Similar to choosing your pants or your skirt, a simple t-shirt may not cut it if you’re sweating often. If you’re a runner, choosing something that can draw the sweat away could be your best choice. If you need a lot of movement, find a t-shirt with loose fitting sleeves, or if the weather allows, try a singlet instead. Whichever you choose, make sure the fabric has been designed to keep you comfortable and healthy as you exercise.

Of course, just because it’s best to choose the right activewear doesn’t mean that you can’t also have style. Many of the options you will look at can provide a perfect blend of purpose designed materials and striking fashion – as long as you choose purpose first, you’re good to go!