How Invisalign can help you


Braces are not as they once were, no longer are they the hulking lengths of metal that protrude from your mouth. They have evolved to a point where simple pieces of removable plastic can be used as braces and the time required for them to be effective is much lower. Invisalign is a really exciting new technology for orthodontics that is not as invasive as traditional orthodontic procedures.

What is Invisalign

These are series of custom plastic moulds that have a very similar appearance to a mouthguard. Generally there are 15 to 30 of these aligners used in a course of Invisalign.

Each of these aligners is slightly different in shape and is worn for about two weeks before moving on to the next one which will have a different corrective action, this way your teeth are gradually moved back into the correct position. Invisalign is extremely good at providing the most natural experience when correcting your teeth because you can eat and drink any food that you wish, traditional braces can cause discomfort, particularly when they are adjusted.

This works in much the same way as a dentist or orthodontist tightening braces, however you do not necessarily need to visit them to change, so you don’t have to spend time visiting your orthodontist.


The main advantage of this type of orthodontic is that they are practically invisible and allow you to go about your everyday life without being conscious of your orthodontics.

They are much less painful than traditional braces and this will mean that you can eat and drink whatever you wish, without the issues of sensitivity and pain caused by braces.

These types of orthodontics also allow you to clean your teeth much better because they are removable and you do not have the extra grooves and surfaces to clean compared to traditional braces. Many people experience issues with cavities after having braces and this is minimised when using Invisalign.

Some things to remember

It is important to remember that these types of orthodontics like anything has some disadvantages, the main one being the cost of Invisalign, which can also be compounded when considering that each set of moulds could be lost and could be costly to replace.

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