Health tips for the elderly: Top five

Every day there are an increasing number of news stories referring to the importance of healthy living. Exercise and healthy eating are strongly recommended for all age groups, especially for the more mature members of society.

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Some people will develop mobility problems as they get older and they may find that a chairlift fitted to the stairs will help them navigate their house. Others are lucky enough to be able to keep fit and active for far longer. Stress can become a major problem in older life and if you feel safe in your own home you’ll do a lot to ward off this problem.



The addictive powers of cigarettes have been well documented but even if you’re approaching later life it’s still never too late to stop this habit. A 2012 study published in the British Medical Journal discovered that: ‘those who quit in middle age were almost as long lived as those who had never smoked.’ Quitting has also been made much easier since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Obamacare tax provides coverage for smoking cessation that is both extensive and affordable.



There are few who cannot say that they enjoy a good meal but it’s important to develop a habit of healthy eating as early as possible. Being overweight can shorten life expectancy and some fatty foods don’t just pile on the pounds they can also lead to heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Try to snack on fruit rather than salty crisps. Salt has been proven to raise the blood pressure and you should check salt content in all the food that you buy. If you have a sweet tooth then restrict your chocolate and biscuit consumption to just a day a week, you will feel healthier in a short space of time.



Recent studies have shown that those who keep in touch with their friends will stimulate their minds and also cut down on feelings of isolation and despair. Laughter can boost feelings of wellbeing by stimulating the brain’s serotonin levels – the happier you are, the healthier you’ll feel. Getting older need not become a time of misery; look at all the superb 90 year olds who regularly appear on our TV screens carrying out some wonderful activities.



Sitting at home and watching the TV all day isn’t going to do your health any good. Even those who are wheelchair bound can carry out some chair yoga in order to exercise. For others a daily stroll is a good way to keep healthy. Gardening and walking the dog are also excellent activities.