Get Booted in Bootcamp

There’s a well hidden secret in the fitness world, and that secret is fitness bootcamp. Who are the fittest people in the UK? Aside from professional athletes whose job is to be fit, the army consistently produce some of the fittest and most athletic individuals of any workforce. Imagine a training program that uses some of these secrets and you have fitness bootcamp. This training style has many benefits, just some of these are the ability to train in the outdoors among nature, having a professional trainer and getting quick, noticeable results.

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One of the best parts of a bootcamp is that they are for everyone who feels they have it in themselves to get fit. Nobody is turned away. The result of this is an extremely encouraging and supportive atmosphere. Everyone who goes to bootcamp is there to improve themselves. And groups tend to improve together because everyone supports everyone else. The enthusiasm is infectious and is just one of the reasons why this method of fitness has time and time again achieved results. People often become good friends because of this atmosphere and go on to train together and even go on fitness holidays.
The instructors

The instructors are very important to the functioning of the group. The best instructors are great motivators. They will encourage you to push yourself to your limit, but will never get you to do anything you really do not want to do. Forget those scary drill sergeants from all those Hollywood films. Bootcamp instructors want you to achieve your goals, but at a pace that is comfortable for you. In fact, instructors are rarely from the army, they are mostly trained fitness professionals who have worked in a variety of fitness areas from boxing to pilates. What unites them is their enthusiasm and love for fitness.


There are plenty of different training methods used in bootcamps. Depending on the general fitness of the trainees, the instructor might get you warmed up with some interactive circuits or some jogging. Once the class is warmed up, mobility work and more intensive exercises can be used. These include weight training, yoga, martial arts, pilates, and circuit training. The possibilities really are limitless and dependent on how you want to achieve your fitness goals. Each week you can increase your intensity so that you continue to improve your fitness. This will have a metabolic effect which is cumulative. Over the weeks, you will find your cardiovascular fitness improving; you will lose weight and tone up those difficult areas of your body.

Benefits of bootcamp over joining a gym

There are many benefits to going to bootcamp instead of joining a gym. For one thing, you do not have to pay an annual fee which you may not be able to fully benefit from. This makes it a much cheaper option, because you only pay when you are able to attend bootcamp. This also makes it handy if you just want to get in shape for a special occasion like a wedding or your summer holiday. It is also a great way to quickly achieve your fitness goals. When gym members are still slogging away indoors on a treadmill, you could be having fun in the outdoors with other like-minded people. Many companies find bootcamp is a great way to build team spirit and often use it to help workers get to know their co-workers. Fitness bootcamps gives you all the benefits of the gym without any of the downsides. You can even do weight training, which feels amazing when you get to train in the outdoors, for more information on why bootcamps are becoming trendy and they appeal to all ages, please click here.

If you want results, and if you want them fast, bootcamp is not just the only option, it is the best option. The instructors are motivating and accommodating. The group atmosphere is supportive and enthusiastic, and you don’t have to pay annual fees. The best part of it is, you can exercise in the outdoors.