Five ways to increase your beetroot consumption

There are multiple reasons to increase your intake of beetroot, with some of the benefits of the food including lowered blood pressure, reduced inflammation and increased stamina.

However, as with any vegetable, it is not always appetising to eat on its own, and so ensuring you have a regular intake of the root can be challenging. Here are five ways to boost the amount of beetroot you eat and benefit from the many perks of the vegetable:

  1. Salad

The first idea is the most obvious, and in all likelihood the way that the majority of people consume beetroot. Due to its sweetness, the vegetable can be added to the majority of salads, whether they be leafy, Mediterranean or decidedly British. Some people opt for the sliced versions, which make them a good complement to boiled eggs and other sliceable food, though people opting for a leafy salad may wish to grate the beetroot alongside something like carrot for a more palatable texture.

  1. Juice

Food does not have to be solid to be nutritious – something evidenced by the many smoothies and miracle juices that people across the world have turned to in recent years. Beetroot is no exception, as its sweetness makes it an ideal complement to fruit and so a perfect component in juice. One suggestion is to add half a dozen beets to clementines, raspberries and grapefruit, along with a few knobs of ginger, for a refreshing and healthy juice drink.

  1. Risotto

Beetroot is not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of risotto, and the dark colour that results from adding the vegetable can be slightly off-putting, but those who persevere with the recipe will not be disappointed. The beetroot first needs to be cooked and pureed before being set aside, then added to the risotto when it is part-way through cooking, adding extra definition and a striking colour that is sure to stir up conversation at the dinner table.

  1. Pancakes

The Sunday morning breakfast favourite is probably more closely associated with maple syrup, chocolate spread or banana, but beetroot can help to add a unique twist to the pancake stack and create another option. The hard work is done before the pancakes are even cooked, as you’ll need to very finely grate the beetroot and leave it in a bowl next to the other ingredients. When the mix is completed, fold in the beetroot and then cook as normal, and watch as the pancakes turn pink before your very eyes.

  1. Beetroot tart

The likes of lemons, apples and cherries will likely be the go-to ingredients when making a tarte tatin, but by now you should know that beetroot can add an extra dimension to almost any dish – and tarts are included. To make a savoury tarte tatin, simply cook and slice the beetroot prior to constructing the tart itself. Once the caramel has been prepared, add the slices on top before finishing off the pastry process. As this is a savoury option, you’ll need to add goat’s cheese as the accompaniment, but the result is breathtaking, and perfect as either a light lunch or an accompaniment to a meat dish.