Early Years Oral Health

Every new parent has a lot on their plate in the first few years of their new child’s life. They are not only taking into consideration the immunization debate, but also thinking about nutrition, general health, whether to return to work or place their offspring into professional childcare. One thing though that is sometimes overlooked is the oral health of your child and even before your child even has teeth there are a number of things you can do so that you can be sure that the first time you visit your local dentist your children don’t suddenly find themselves having to undergo painful procedures like fillings or extractions which you can be sure will make them afraid of the dentist for life.


According to dentists, the first check up for your kids should be around the age of one year old, so here is what you can do to make that first visit a success. It is recommended that from a very early age, even before teeth have begun to form that you keep your babies gums clean. This is something that can be very easily done by using specially designed baby gum wipes. This should be done regularly, especially after the babies feeds.

The second thing that you should not be doing, and this might sound surprising, but never let your child go to sleep with a formula bottle in its mouth. This is so common but you have to be careful, especially if you are not using formula but breast milk or some other juice based drink. It may be soothing for the baby but unfortunately these things contain natural sugars and as you know, sugar is the one thing that can lead to problems with gums and teeth before they have even formed.

Once your childrens teeth have begun to form there are a couple of things you can do to get them into a good oral care routine. The first thing is to let your child try to brush their own teeth at first. They will enjoy it more if they see you brushing your teeth and will copy you. If they see that you like to do it then you can be sure that they will enjoy it too. Secondly, a good idea is to get a flavored or colored toothpaste for your child to use. just think back to when you first used toothpaste. It didn’t taste very nice did it?

Following these simple steps should ensure a successful first visit to a Weybridge dentist.

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