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Dentists have often said that the mouth is the window to the body, and it’s true. Dentists can tell pretty much always tell you what you’ve been doing, or not doing just by asking you to say “Ahhh.” Trying to hide the fact that you always forget to floss, by doing it the night before your appointment, your dentist knows, just as he knows if you chew on your fingernails by seeing chipped and cracking teeth from constant wear, as you gnaw. Here are a few more examples on what your dentist see’s, and how he knows what causes it.images (3)

We’ve already said your dentist can tell how often you floss, and whether you have tried tricking him or her into believing that you have. You can never fool your dentist on this point because the gums are damaged and often bleeding inside the mouth of a person who only flossed the night, or morning before. Cleaning and then flossing daily makes for healthy gums which would be tight and pink when your dentist inspects your mouth, instead of clearly covered in slice marks from over flossing.

If you’re a woman, your dentist can very often detect pregnancy through looking into your mouth. A massive 41% of women will have problems with gingivitis during pregnancy. This is because of an increased level of progesterone, which increases the growth rate of bacteria, causing gingivitis.

If you bite your fingernails your dentist will most certainly be able to tell, and will most likely chastise you for it. Chewing on your fingers has a bad effect on the health of your teeth, causing chips, cracks and massive wear and tear due to the constant stress on them. This will often lead to jaw discomfort, including sometimes sharp pain, and uneven teeth. While your dentist will spot the fact, it isn’t actually biting your nails that cause the problems, but the act of doing so smashes your teeth together causing the chipping and cracking. People who use their front teeth to bite their nails will often end up with flat front teeth.

Surprisingly, your dentist can often figure out you have a serious problem with your health simply by the smell of your breath. This bad breath could just be that, but often times it is a giveaway to some serious problems. For instance, if your breath smells ‘fruity’ there is a chance of uncontrolled diabetes, and if your breath smells ‘fishy’ you could be suffering from kidney or liver failure. Other detectable illnesses are gastroesophageal reflux to bronchitis to tonsil stones. If your dentist claims you have a bigger illness, make sure to listen to him or her, they are usually correct.

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