Choosing The Right Toothbrush For You

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Having the right toothbrush for you is crucial for maintaining the best oral health and keeping your teeth as clean as they should be. Here is my guide for choosing the right toothbrush for you and your teeth, so read on to find out more.


The size of a toothbrush is very important, especially because it will determine how much plaque you can remove from all areas of the mouth. A toothbrush should be small enough to reach all the smaller parts of the mouth, but not so small that you can’t effectively brush with it. Remember that with a smaller brush you will have to brush for longer to get the same results of a larger toothbrush. Therefore it is important to find the right balance between the two.


Deciding on the right shape of the toothbrush can also affect the ability of it to reach the smaller parts of the mouth, just like the size. A longer and thinner toothbrush head will be much more effective at reaching the back teeth, so it is important to also think about this too.

Handle length

The length of the handle will also determine how far back it can comfortably reach, which is especially important for those with a large mouth and really need to reach back quite far in order to keep their teeth clean. A comfortable handle is important too and you should be able to hold your toothbrush comfortably in all positions that you are brushing in.


Firmness is something that many people are very particular about and most will already have a preference. A firmer toothbrush head is great for those with less sensitive gums and tend to brush with a softer motion, whereas a softer toothbrush is great for those with sensitive teeth

Electric vs Manual

This is an age old debate when it comes to toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes to me are much better at removing plaque and bacteria from the mouth. This is because they move rapidly and oscillate and this is much faster than a person could possibly replicate. In order to get the same effectiveness with a manual toothbrush you would need to brush for a very long time! Electric toothbrushes allow you to get the most out of your brushing time, while being extremely effective.

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