Why You Should Have Cat Insurance

Our relationship with pets has long been a source of stress relief and fun, subtly influencing the health and lifestyle we choose for ourselves. From the loyal and energetic dog to the charming antics and companionship of a cat, the benefits of owning a pet vary as much as the domesticated animals we care for.

In particular, the cat owner tends to have a certain personality type. One that prefers the quiet independence and playfulness of a feline over the ever attention-needy dog. One that enjoys the freedom of knowing your loved one will be just fine if you choose to take that weekend trip, and is happy to wait for your return.  In respect for that relationship, we will make sacrifices (such as passing on preferable rental locations and housing) to ensure that we can honour the companionship that develops over many years.

While we may enjoy the freedom that comes with a cat, we are rarely ready to let go; especially when the unexpected happens. While most of us wouldn’t hesitate to ensure that our own medical needs are covered with health insurance, cat insurance is rarely deliberated on when budgeting for the month. Veterinary expenses can and will rapidly rise faster than you will have anticipated. Have you set aside $500 for a leg-cast? $200 for anti-inflammatories and antibiotics? How about $800 for an eye examination and treatment? $4000 for a congenital problem that requires multiple treatments?

All of these events are commonplace among the furry little animals we care about. They are also all covered by a simple medical plan for the same cost as your cat’s monthly food budget. Some plans will go so far as to pay for local advertising and a substantial reward if your cat wanders off into the concrete jungle of our civilization.

As with your own medical coverage, when considering the purchase of cat insurance, realize that what you are purchasing is the certainty of a small loss, as opposed to the possibility of a large one. The goal is not necessarily to “come out ahead.” It is for that moment, when the time comes, whether it be months or years down the road. When your little friend is in trouble and your savings could only get you part of the way there. The vet will ask the question that determines the remainder of your pet’s life, and you can answer without hesitation “yes.”