Bali: The perfect rejuvenation destination


Paradise is exactly like where you are right now… only much, much better.

–       Laurie Anderson

Musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson might as well have been talking about Bali because no matter where in the world someone is, Bali is always better.  In essence, Bali is synonymous with paradise in every way.

gunnung anung ubud

Being one of more than 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali offers the perfect combination of friendly people, a rich culture, and spectacular beaches.  While there are plenty of places to visit in Indonesia, 80% of international visitors that come to the region visit only Bali.  The magic of this tropical paradise is unrivaled – it is a wonderfully relaxing destination and though it is heavily travelled, it is still the perfect location for some peace and quiet.


Bali’s landscape: beauty and serenity

No matter what time of year one decides to visit Bali, the landscape will always be beautiful, and there are sure to be cheap flights.  Known as the “Island of the Gods,” Bali has a varied landscape of rolling hills, mountains, rugged coastlines, and sandy beaches.  The barren volcanic hillsides and lush terraces provide a picturesque and soothing backdrop to this deeply spiritual place.  If there has ever been a place close to Heaven on earth, Bali would be it.

Beaches fringe almost the entire coastline of the island, though there are also a few spots with lush mangrove forests, mostly in the south-east.  Bali is blessed with high cliffs that drop impressively into the crashing blue waves of the Indian Ocean.  Thanks to the volcanic nature of the island itself, the beaches have black sand, though there are a few white sandy beaches in the south.

The interior offers lush rainforests and fertile rice paddies situated in terraces on the sides of mountains and hills.  Some of the most beautiful and serene settings on the island are the terraced paddies just north of Ubud, in the center of the island.  There are also a number of both inactive and active volcanoes further inland.

Relaxing in paradise

Simply being in Bali is relaxing enough for many people, but there are some activities that can rejuvenate and refresh almost anyone.  Bali is a naturally spiritual place and is very popular among individuals interested in yoga and meditation retreats.  Engaging in yoga or meditation in the beautiful open air near the ocean is the height of tranquility.  Yoga and meditation students are able to develop body and mind awareness, and relieve stress much more easily than in some other locales.

Another relaxing and rejuvenating activity in Bali is getting a spa treatment.  In fact, regardless of how fancy a hotel is, almost every single resort on the island has its own spa.  The spas in Bali offer a wide range of services, but all offer many different massage techniques, including Balinese, Indonesian, Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Lomi-Lomi. Don’t be shy about the spa treatments – Bali spas are some of the best in the world.

Because Bali is a tropical paradise, there is no question that lazing about on the beach can also help melt away the stresses of life.  Basking in the warm sun while listening to the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean has got to be one of the most relaxing activities on the island, but don’t just think about it – visit Bali today!