5 Ways to Prevent Excessive Sweating

Those of us who sweat excessively spend a lot of waking hours stressing about sweating, which probably makes the problem worse! One of the main areas of worry is the smell that often accompanies sweat – body odour. Many sufferers of excessive sweating are extremely self-conscious when out among the public. Heavy sweaters will often keep their distance from others, terrified that a stranger, work colleague or friend will smell their sweat odour. Sweating is a normal function of the body, designed to regulate body temperature, but for those who struggle with excessive sweating, the function seems anything but normal!

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Much of the anxiety caused by sweat odour can be alleviated by the regular application of a highly effective deodorant, something like Rexona Clinical. Antiperspirants contain fragrances but they also contain active ingredients that work to inhibit sweating by blocking the pores.

Drink Water

Why it may seem like a contradiction, increasing your intake of water will help reduce sweating. It is not a case of water in through the mouth, water out through the pores. Drinking an adequate supply of water will help your body to maintain a normal temperature, which in turn means that less sweat is required to cool the body down. Drink as much as you can and watch the difference it makes.

Take Regular Showers or Baths

This rule applies to everyone, but if you sweat a lot it is even more important that you bathe regularly and use a good soap. It is a good idea for heavy sweaters to shower twice a day. Having a shower not only cleans off old sweat but has been proven to reduce the rate of sweating post shower. Try to have a cold shower, or if this is too hard, at least finish off your shower by turning off the hot water and let yourself get a quick all over spray of cold. You will notice when you have a hot shower, particularly in hot weather, you can find yourself sweating again before you have even dried yourself.

Cut Down on Caffeine and Smoking

Smoking has been shown to increase your body’s metabolism. This increase will create an increase in body temperature, which will of course lead to sweating. It is inevitable. So, now you have a brand new reason to quit smoking! Sweating is also a side effect of coffee consumption. Caffeine triggers a release of adrenaline in the body, which is why you feel more awake and alert after drinking it. What really happens is that we become more nervous and the natural reaction to nervous energy is sweat. Cut back cigarettes and coffee and cut back on your rate of sweating.

Topical Treatments

If excessive sweating is really troubling you consult your doctor for help. Ask your practitioner about using Aluminium chloride, which can be applied to areas where you sweat a lot. You can also try injecting Botox into your problem sweat areas. Obviously this is best as a last resort.