5 Ways to Avoid Germs on Public Transport

Temperatures drop and fevers rise. As weather grows cold, sickness spreads and public transport becomes a cess pool of germs. The winter chill forces people to congregate indoors, gathering in close crowds to generate body heat and generally exist in closer proximity to other humans. Beat the inevitable winter woes by implementing these five tips, to stay germ free on public transport.

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Time Makes All the Difference

Step on to a crowded train at 6.30am, you will experience an instinctual urge to recoil and run back to the warm bed from which you came. The man with largely visible sweat patches; the homeless guy who rides the train for fun; and the whinging child captaining its very own food fight, often at the expense of the mother; you can avoid all of these people. Arrange a later starting time (or if you’re brave, an earlier starting time) to avoid the high concentration of commuters carrying nasty germs.

Run Away From Sickness

Life has dictated public transport to be a necessary evil in your working week. You are at the mercy of unreliable timetables, temperamental bus drivers and unpredictable traffic flows; however, you can make smart choices to avoid contracting unwanted viruses. Scan the carriage as you board, search for a seat near healthy looking individuals. If you land a standing spot next to a serial sneezer, jump off at the next stop and make a dash to a different carriage. Feeling silly for a few seconds is better than feeling miserable for a few days.

Beware of Poles

Bus poles and hanging handles on trains are dangerous surfaces covered in regiments of infectious germs. Commuters are under a false pretence; covering a sneeze or cough with your hand does not prevent your germs from spreading to others. This is especially true when said hand then firmly grasps a pole, adding to the plethora of other festering, unsanitary bacteria. Avoid these surfaces like the plague (you may catch it on the train). If you are circumstantially forced to hold on for dear life, ensure you sanitise your hands immediately after you disembark.

Keep Hands Down

Keep your hands in your pockets. Touching your face, or rubbing your eyes, are some of the easiest ways to spread germs that have unavoidably come into contact with your hands. Be prepared, keep hand sanitiser or sanitary wipes for easy application after arriving at your destination.

Wash Away Sickness

Cold and flu season is a dangerous time, you can be prepared for the pathogen war by keeping various hygiene products on hand and choosing your travel times wisely. Ultimately, there are always factors out of your control. Germs aren’t just spread by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces, or having the lady next to you sneeze directly into your face.

Sickness can be airborne, you are sure to have at least one ill person in your carriage at any one time. To counteract this unavoidable circumstance, banish any potential sickness by washing your hands and face after catching public transport.
Follow even a few of these tips to significantly reduce your chances of being contaminated on public transport. For more hints on how effectively kill germs, consult a professional or click here.