4 Ways to Increase Productivity

When we were kids it was important to finish your chores like, making your bed, washing the dishes, and taking out the garbage as fast as humanely possible so that you were free to enjoy the day. Now that we’re older as soon as we finish one task there is a bigger, longer, more boring one begging us to be completed. It can feel endless. It can be very easy to get bogged down and discouraged by the size of your plate, so to speak. But with a positive attitude and a few important lifestyle tactics it’s easy to take it in stride and even save yourself time and headache.


Turn off the distractions- This is the hardest to overcome. It’s easy to be doing a small task like sending an email or packing a bag or even getting dressed in the morning and the next thing you know your watching sports highlights or checking who’s made on omelette for breakfast on Instagram. So it’s important when your doing a serious job to make a conscious effort to eliminate all distractions from around you and dive head first into work.

Take your vitamins- Lacking the proper nutrients in our bodies can send us spinning. Having deficiencies in your body is never going to help you keep productive. So It’s important to be filled up with the proper energy in order to not crash and burn. Taking multivitamins¬†on a regular basis you will notice the increase in your stamina, alertness and overall well being.

Get your beauty sleep- Functioning on to little or to much sleep is a disaster. The middle ground is between 6-8 hours a night. Once you’ve found your groove you’ll notice the affects in the way you make decisions, your stress and anxiety levels and your personal interaction skills. Proper sleep as well as diet will keep you alert and keen to keep going on the task at hand.

Manage your free time- It can’t be work work work all the time. It’s necessary to break from your work in order to recoup and refocus on the job. There is a fine balance of when to break and for how long though. Set yourself a goal of how much you wish to accomplish before you want to get up, stretch and have a coffee. This will incentivize you to work harder. It’s also important to make sure your having enough “you” time outside of work. Don’t weigh yourself down with work matters you can’t solve outside of work.