4 Reasons Dental Implants Are For You

Close up of dentists angled mirror in womans mouth

Close up of dentists angled mirror in womans mouth

If you are one of the unfortunate few that has had to go through the pain of losing a tooth or a number of teeth you will probably be familiar with a number of options that are available to replace those teeth. Dental implants are the most effective and natural offering and have distinct advantages over things like dentures. Read on to find out some of the best reasons dental implants could be your solution


Dental implants have the appearance and feel of your own teeth and this is because they are fixed into the bone in your mouth, creating an almost perfect replica of the structure of a normal tooth. Missing teeth can affect the way you eat and speak and having dental implants will allow you to do these things in the most natural way possible, this is compared to dentures which can be difficult to eat with, especially if they do not fit as well as they should and denture adhesive is not being used.

The Look                               

Dental implants provide an extremely good foundation for a false tooth to be fitted too, this also provides structure for the mouth and prevents the process of resorption, which is where the area around a missing tooth can lose bone and this will make show, even when the person’s mouth is closed and can appear indented.

Little wear

Partial dentures may cause adjacent teeth to become worn as they partially use the surrounding teeth to keep in place, over time this could also weaken the surrounding teeth. Dental implants use the strong foundation of underlying bone rather than your teeth to keep in place and as a result present a lot less impact to other teeth.



As well as not wearing down the surrounding teeth dental implants themselves are known to be extremely durable and should last for at least 20 years and potentially much longer, as a result these are an investment that should definitely be considered. Dental implants will also last a lot longer if maintained properly through regular cleaning and care of your mouth.

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